Sheet piles

Boogaerdt Hout produces high-quality sheet piling from sustainable wood, including Azobé, Angelim Vermelho and Okan. These types of wood belong to the highest class of durability, namely “Durability Class I”, and therefore offer a long lifespan. Sheet piles are frequently used in hydraulic engineering applications and are often combined with horizontal purlins or deck gaps to hold the sheet piles together.

Available types of wood for sheet piling:

Viewfinder and measurements

A 'finder' is often fitted to the underside of the groove side of the planks. This bevel ensures that the plank is pressed firmly against its predecessor during pile driving. Our sheet piles are available in thicknesses from 30 to 100 mm. The working width of the sheet pile planks varies from approximately 150 to 300 mm. Sheet pile planks are often supplied in 'falling widths', which means that the planks do not have a fixed width, but that the total width of the sheet pile wall is used. In addition to the falling width, standard sizes are also available. These have a thinner size with a fixed thickness of approximately 30 mm and a fixed working width of 185 mm. This fixed size does not include a viewfinder. A viewfinder is used from a thickness of 40 mm.

Sustainable construction

In addition to the detailing and the choice of wood type, the design and maintenance of a sheet pile wall has a strong influence on its total lifespan. Most soil types provide a favorable breeding ground for micro-organisms. By limiting the contact between the wood and the soil as much as possible, the lifespan of the sheet pile construction can be extended. The part of the sheet pile plank that is in the water and in the ground remains constantly wet or moist. The part that protrudes above water can dry, shrink and crack, leading to waterlogging and degradation. To prevent this, a wooden slat can be used to cover the end edge of the wood. The use of cover covers is highly recommended. Depending on the size and type of wood, we can advise you on this. Please contact us for more information.