Boogaerdt Hout realizes better than anyone that ensuring sustainable forest management and the sustainable harvesting of wood are essential for the future of our industry. As a company with a long history in the wood sector, we strive for continuity and have played an active role in the Royal VVNH's policy to import as much sustainably certified wood into the Netherlands as possible.

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Environmental policy

Boogaerdt Hout only imports demonstrably legally/sustainably produced wood. In close collaboration with our partners in the countries of origin, we strive to increase the share of sustainably produced wood. In this way we stimulate the conservation of a forest and indirectly contribute to better social and economic conditions in the country of origin.

At Boogaerdt Hout we are concerned about the increasing pressure on forests. We strive to minimize our consequences for the environment and have an active policy to increase the use of sustainable wood products.

Carbon footprint of wood

Building with wood is the future. Wood has a lower CO2 footprint than concrete, steel and plastic. Every cubic meter of wood captures almost a ton of CO2. In combination with the savings on CO2 emissions by avoiding other materials, this results in a total climate benefit of up to two tons of CO2! Calculate in two steps how much CO2 is captured in your wood products.

Certification at Boogaerdt Hout

Boogaerdt Hout is FSC® and PEFC certified. The extensive Chain of Custody (CoC) ensures that we have insight into the origin of our wood flows, from the country of origin to the end product. If you would like to know more about these certification systems, visit the website FSC® or PEFC.