The history of Boogaerdt Hout

Boogaerdt Hout has its origins in Rotterdam in 1741, where Ary and Bart Boogaerdt established their wood shop in one of the sawmills on the Hooge Zeedijk.

On May 6, 1811, during the French occupation, Meindert Boogaerdt bought the hexagonal sawmill 'De Karper' in Krimpen aan de Lek. Much information has been preserved since then. In 1845 the new and larger sawmill 'Weltevreden' was built. The company flourished and in 1856 the first steam sawmill in the Netherlands was built outside the village. Despite challenging times, the company was able to develop into a modern timber trading company that became known as a supplier for the yacht and shipbuilding, carpentry and stair industry, softwood industry and civil engineering.

sawmill history

Predicate 'Royal'

In 1986, the Boogaerdt Group received the designation 'Royal'. On the same date, a new sawmill and planing mill in Krimpen came into use, increasing the possibilities. Wood, the most sustainable and environmentally friendly raw material of today and the future, enables the Royal Boogaerdt Group to continue to offer its craftsmanship and long-term experience with added value for many years to come.

The designation 'Royal' was obtained in 1986 and was extended for 25 years in 2012.