European finger jointed laminated wood

Finger jointed laminated wood is an innovative solution for frame wood. At Boogaerdt Hout we offer European finger-jointed laminated wood of top quality, carefully sorted and free from defects and tensions. Discover why this sustainable product is a cost-effective choice for various applications, from tiny houses to universities.

Finger jointed laminated frame wood

At Boogaerdt Hout we understand the growing demand for oak frame wood. That is why we have expanded our range with finger-jointed laminated wood. This unique product was created in collaboration with various carpentry factories and our partner suppliers, and offers a sustainable alternative to wood types that are less suitable for frame wood.

View the flyers below for finger jointed laminated in different types of wood.


Why should you choose European finger-jointed laminated wood for your window frames? Here are some benefits this product offers:

  • Product from European soil: Our finger-jointed laminated wood is carefully selected from European sources, contributing to sustainability and local economies.
  • Careful sorting: The wood is carefully sorted by color and quality, so that you can count on a uniform and aesthetically pleasing end result.
  • Proven Quality: Whether you're building a tiny house or a university building, our finger-jointed laminated lumber is proven to withstand a variety of applications and provide long-lasting performance.
  • Four-sided calibrated: The wood is calibrated on four sides with a vertical construction, making it a perfect fit for window frames for interior applications.
  • Sapwood-free outer slats: The outer slats of our finger-jointed laminated wood are sapwood-free, which provides a sleek and aesthetically pleasing appearance.
  • D4 glued: Our wood is D4 glued, resulting in a strong and durable construction that is resistant to moisture and other environmental factors.
  • Practically free from defects and stresses: Thanks to the process of finger-jointing and laminating, our finger-jointed laminated wood is virtually free from defects and stresses, making it easy to process and offering optimal stability.
  • Less residual waste and better returns: Due to the efficient production method of finger-jointed laminated wood, less residual waste is generated, resulting in a better return and an environmentally friendly choice.


Thickness x width (in mm)
Head sizes63x145mm
72 x 120mm – 72 x 145mm
96 x 120mm – 96 x 145mm
Length600 cm
CertificationFSC® 100%