Façade cladding for Hotel Airportplein in Rotterdam with Accoya

For a new three-star hotel next to Rotterdam The Hague Airport, we were allowed to provide the facade cladding in collaboration with Stiho and Bouwgroep Moonen. The hotel with 132 rooms has opted for a sustainable and green appearance and natural facade cladding with a CO2 neutral type of wood cannot be missing. The Accoya® used has been treated with Woodsafe fire class B.

Wood Application: Façade cladding
Place: Rotterdam
Wood type(s): Accoya
Volume: 65 m3 (25 km)
Quality mark: FSC
Editing: 3-sided planed with finely sawn visible side 40x68mm, laminated corner slat with rebate 53x53mm and reveals at window frames
Client: Distribution partner Stiho BV
Executive party: Construction group Moonen
Architect: Arc3 Design, Drawing & Construction Management in Eindhoven
Therapy: Woodsafe fire class B with Cembrit Patina A substrate behind construction (in accordance with Woodsafe certificate, class A plate behind construction)

Photo Impression