Walking deck parts

Boogaerdt Hout offers an extensive range of deck parts for outdoor applications. With different profiles and types of wood, combined with our processing options, we can deliver custom work that meets the wishes of our customers. Whether you are looking for profiled or 4-sided smooth planed parts with a wear layer, or even want to produce your own profile, the possibilities are endless.

Wood types

Walking deck parts are available in various types of wood and sizes. Boogaerdt Hout offers both ready-made products and custom planed parts. Below you will find an overview of the available wood types:


There are various options for attaching wooden deck and terrace parts. It is important to take into account factors such as splitting during screwdriving and the prevention of warping due to insufficient space for expansion. A blind attachment can be achieved using a Hardwood clip. This simple and effective system consists of a planed profile in the parts and a clip with a stainless steel core.