Accoya® Color Competition

As of the 2024 garden season, the Accoya® range has been expanded with Accoya Color® Gray. To encourage sales of this new range, Boogaerdt Hout/Van Iersel Houtimport has organized two competitions.

  • Per region, the salesperson who places the first Accoya® Color Gray order will receive a cake.
  • Per region, the branch that has sold the most number of cubic meters of the Accoya® Color range will receive pizzas for the entire team at the branch.

The introduction of the new Accoya® Color Gray range is supported by various marketing activities. An Accoya® representative will visit you with gimmicks. Samples are available for the branch and (potential) customers.

Let us know if you need additional information or samples. Email us at or via our website samples.

This is our Accoya Color information page.

If you have specific questions, the sales team of Boogaerdt Hout and Van Iersel can of course help.

Accoya Color Gray through and through, Accoya ages naturally

Term: from the beginning of April to the end of September
Price: Pizza or cake for the entire establishment
Goal: sell the most number of cubic meters of the Accoya Color range

Interim score

as of early April

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North-East region

Jongeneel Apeldoorn
Jongeneel Assen
Jongeneel Coevorden
Jongeneel Steenwijk
Jongeneel Groningen
Jongeneel Sneek
Jongeneel Enschede
Jongeneel Zwolle
Jongeneel Hengelo
Jongeneel Lichtenvoorde
Jongeneel Spankeren

North West Region

Jongeneel Alkmaar
Jongeneel Amsterdam
Jongeneel Haarlem
Jongeneel Woerden
Jongeneel Utrecht Wooden Heart
Jongeneel Zaandam
Jongeneel Zwaagdijk
Jongeneel Rotterdam
Jongeneel Alphen aan de Rijn
Jongeneel Poeldijk
Jongeneel Dordrecht
Jongeneel The Hague de Werf
Jongeneel Leiden
Jongeneel The Hague Binckhorst
Jongeneel Schiedam

South region

Jongeneel Maastricht
Jongeneel Eindhoven
Jongeneel Breda
Jongeneel Arnhem
Jongeneel Sittard
Jongeneel Bergen op Zoom
Jongeneel Den Bosch
Jongeneel Terneuzen
Jongeneel Venlo
Jongeneel Tilburg
Jongeneel Nijmegen
Jongeneel Roermond
Jongeneel Tiel
Jongeneel Someren