Facade cladding of Thermo Fraké in Schiedam

We were allowed to provide the facade cladding for a (new-build) commercial building in Schiedam. The client wanted Fraké slats of 750 cm. To achieve this length, we constructively finger-jointed the slats. In addition, they are thermally modified to ensure longer durability.

Type of wood application: Façade cladding
Place: Schiedam
Wood type(s): Thermo Fraké
Volume: 16.9 m3
Client: SBB residential and non-residential construction
Executing party(s): SBB residential and non-residential construction
Editing: Planed Basel profile 21×126 mm working, finger jointed and laminated 40×200 mm + 4 sides planed with round edges and 2 sides 5° diagonally shortened
Therapy: No

Photo Impression