Expert installation advice for hardwood floor planks

At Boogaerdt Hout we understand that solid installation is essential for a durable terrace with hardwood decking planks. To help you create a high-quality construction, we have put together expert installation advice. These guidelines cover important aspects such as construction, detailing and maintenance, allowing you to extend the life of your patio and make the most of your outdoor space.

Important points to consider during installation

Good construction starts with preventing or reducing problems such as moisture load, water ingress, condensation, capillary seams or surfaces, moisture retention and ground contact. An essential factor is to ensure good drainage and ventilation between the deck and the substructure. By maintaining sufficient space between these components, you can ensure optimal ventilation and faster drying of the wood. Using waterproof layers between wood joints can also help prevent problems.

Advice for light detailing

When installing decking boards, it is important to avoid capillary moisture absorption, trapped moisture and dirt accumulation. For airy detailing, we recommend using B-fix clips, steel or plastic spacers. In addition, you can minimize the connections by narrowing the supporting beams at the top, resulting in a smaller contact area with the decking boards.

Spacing and finishing

For optimal moisture and dirt drainage between the decking planks, we recommend a minimum distance of 5-10 mm, depending on the width of the planks. Limiting end-grain wood (especially horizontally) and rounding the edges of the decking components help to drain moisture better and prevent damage to the wood. Maintaining a head distance of at least 2 mm can absorb possible shrinkage and swelling. In addition, the stability of the substructure is crucial for a perfect terrace.

Optimal construction of your terrace

For a solid terrace we recommend an optimal construction. This includes the following construction from ground level: leveling the surface, applying anti-root cloth, creating a gravel or shell bed, placing posts and then the wooden substructure and decking planks.

Consult the advice document

For detailed mounting instructions, advice tables and additional information, please refer to our advice document. Here you will find useful tips and guidelines for properly installing and maintaining your hardwood decking planks.