vvnh objective

VVNH achieves target

in 2020, 93.7% wood and board comes from sustainably managed forests

The annual Probos report among VVNH members shows that the share of demonstrably sustainably produced wood and panel material (with CoC certificate FSC and/or PEFC) increased to 93.7% in 2020. That is an increase of 1.8% compared to 2019. With this great result, the VVNH target for 2016-2020 to achieve a 90% share of sustainably produced wood and panel material has been amply achieved.
In 2020, the VVNH members will import more than two million m³ of softwood, hardwood and panel material. For softwood and panel material, the share of sustainably produced in 2020 is 98.8% (-0.4%) and 98.2% (+2.3%) respectively. Of the hardwood, 67.2% (+4.8%) in 2020 comes from certified sustainably managed forest with CoC certificate.

Paul van den Heuvel, director of VVNH and Centrum Hout: “It is great that despite all the difficult circumstances in corona year 2020, the increase has continued after stabilizing in 2019. Crucial here is and remains the consistent and massive demand for sustainably produced wood. Thanks go to all partners within the Agreement to Promote Sustainable Forest Management and in particular to the Dutch Trade Association of the Carpentry Industry, whose members have purchased and used sustainably produced wood on a massive scale." The analysis that Probos makes of the figures can be found on the VVNH site.