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Choosing wood in civil engineering

Wood is an important, if not the most important raw material to achieve a sustainable, biobased and circular economy. That is why Boogaerdt Hout is working with Centrum Hout and 10 project partners to highlight all the benefits of wood in civil engineering. By sharing knowledge about wood and wood products widely within civil engineering, road and hydraulic engineering, we want to contribute to a sustainable economy and promote social entrepreneurship.

Science is increasingly showing that wood is an extremely environmentally friendly raw material, which, among other things, also contributes to combating climate change through carbon sequestration. But how do you highlight these kinds of aspects? This question was central to the Houtcafé of Centrum Hout. About eighty people came to the meeting to learn how to use terms such as sustainability, circular and biobased as good selling points for wood. Among other things, the new LCAs that provide insight into the environmental score of wood were discussed. Beautiful example projects illustrate the benefits of wood in various applications.

Text and photos: Wood in civil engineering