Bilinga Competition 

The Bilinga range has been expanded from the 2024 garden season. To encourage sales of this new range, Boogaerdt Hout/Van Iersel Houtimport has organized a competition.

  • Per region, the branch that sells the most cubic meters of Bilinga can win pizzas for the entire team. 

The introduction of the new Bilinga range is supported by various marketing activities. You have your own sample boards at the location. Let us know if you need additional information or samples. Mail us verkoop@boogaerdt.nl or via our website samples. This is our Bilinga information page.

If you have specific questions, the sales team of Boogaerdt Hout and Van Iersel Houtimport can of course help.

Term: from the beginning of April to the end of September
Price: Pizza or cake for the entire establishment
Goal: sell the most number of cubic meters of the Bilinga range

The standings are updated at the beginning of the month.

Interim score

from the beginning of April until May 22

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North West Region

201 Oudkarspel
243 Den Helder
128 Horn
144 Utrecht
225 Beverwijk
226 Amsterdam Center
103 Zaandam
109 Wormerveer
108 Amsterdam
129 Alkmaar
148 Heemstede
159 Gorinchem
168 Amsterdam South-East
223 Zwaag

North-East region

107 Houses
127 Hilversum
106 Amersfoort
112 Arnhem
115 Deventer
118 Drachten
154 Nijmegen
149 Winschoten
171 Groningen
174 Raalte
208 Emmeloord
207 Heerenveen
209 Sneek
240 Doetinchem
242 Winterswijk
269 Almere

South region

123 The Hague
113 Breda
136 Rotterdam South
132 Middelburg
179 Roosendaal
121 Eindhoven
102 Westland
212 Oud Beijerland
114 Brielle
116 Zoetermeer
138 Steenbergen
139 Tilburg
140 Rotterdam North
141 Den Bosch
147 Loosduinseweg ('S-Gravenhage)
167 Dordrecht
169 Eindhoven De Hurk
229 Limburg