Structure adjustment

Krimpen aan de Lek, April 4, 2022

Dear relation,

We hereby inform you that the Royal Boogaerdt Group, of which Houthandel Boogaerdt BV is a part, has rearranged its activities.

The activities of Boogaerdt Hout were transferred by Houthandel Boogaerdt BV to the legal entity Natuur Hout BV as of April 1. The current contracts with your organization have been transferred to Natuur Hout BV as of this date.

The administrative changes.
The company details, bank account number and ascription have been changed as of April 1 to:

Company Name: Natuur Hout BV trading under Boogaerdt Hout
IBAN: NL58 DEUT 0265 0004 35
Attribution: Deutsche Bank AG, regarding Boogaerdt Hout
Trade name: Boogaerdt Hout
Mailing address: PO Box 2009
2931 AG Krimpen aan de Lek
Phone number 0180-551 552
Chamber of Commerce number 20047459
EORI number NL006586570
VAT number NL006586570B01

What doesn't change?
Our relationship ! You continue to do business with the same people.

Your contacts at Boogaerdt Hout therefore remain unchanged and can be reached at the known email addresses and telephone numbers.

If you have any questions, email or call verkoop@boogaerdt.nl or 0180 551 552.