wooden egg

Wooden 'egg' is ready

RAU Architects and Ro&Ad Architects have jointly designed a giant 'natural egg' as a bird observatory. The building, made of Accoya and pine wood, was officially opened on April 16. Boogaerdt Hout supplied Accoya® for this purpose.

The bird observatory is located in the middle of the Scheelhoek nature reserve, close to the Haringvlietdam near Stellendam. Commissioned by the Dream Fund project, a striking 'natural work of art' has been placed in one of the most beautiful environments in the Netherlands. In response to the Haringvliet Kierbesluit, the joint nature organizations want to gradually reduce the tide and make the effects observable to the public. The area is a foraging and breeding area for waders such as the common tern and the sandwich tern. These breeding birds can be admired up close from the observatory.

The structure is completely removable, covered with local thatch and recognizable by its wooden egg-shaped construction.

The lower part of the egg is made of Accoya® wooden beams. This part of the observatory can become flooded due to, for example, tidal changes. The part that remains above water is made of spruce wood.

Source: Houtwereld (photo: RO&AD Architecten)

Photos: Katja Effting